16 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for small business

Don’t you have enough Pennies to spend on your Biz? Don’t Be worried. Because I am gonna elaborating the Dozen+ 16 Low budget Marketing Ideas for small business and some marketing tactics that will save your pennies from spending them all on your small marketing budget.

16 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for small business

Low budget marketing ideas for small businesses

Let see how far you can spend your dollars and reach your targeted customers using modern and smart marketing tactics for small businesses within a small budget. Here are listed the top 16 Low budget Marketing Ideas for small business that you can implement on your small business in your state.

Publish Great Content

This is to be the first and on the top of the List. Publishing Great Content that is easily understandable and to the point. THe COntent should define and explain the nails of your business ideas to go through. If you are not good at creating the content,  you should not have some trouble in getting a dude to crank some articles for your business. this would be the basement of your starter.

Create instructional VIdeos

making a video content regarding your small business will really be beneficial and will boost up your attraction towards the audience.it may be a little costly, but you can manage within low budget too.you can hire a student as an internee for making promo videos for you.

low budget marketing ideas for small business

if videos are somehow hard to make, you can use whiteboard animations or Slideshare slides for defining your business criteria and the outcomes.

Get d Promo Credit

while massive and expensive ad campaigns may be out of your budget. there are some discounts and coupons for paid facebook ads, and even some hosting also provides you the low budget ad campaigns. you can use them all too for your marketing for your small business.

Google ads also provide you the coupon for running your ads with the first $70 free when you pay for your first $ 35. I think it sounds good if you have a good keyword of high search volume.


Reddit, a bare-bones social Media Network self-titled as the “front page of the internet,” can be a powerful tool when used strategically. Reddit is composed of a very tech-savvy audience that bristles at any obvious marketing tactics.

Low budget marketing ideas

To win in Reddit, Use and post only unique and quality content. Your content should be attractive, mind-blowing and one of the top niches. In Reddit, there are som subcategories or you say (subreddits) that deals with the shape dn narrowest and sub interests of particular fields. In Reddit you will find a subreddit for lockpicking (/r/lockpicking ), a subreddit for unicycles (/r/unicycling), and there’s even a subreddit for admiring awesome and pretty handwriting (r/PenmanshipPorn). (And of course, there’s one for SEO.) Find your target Niche and dominate.

Be A Savy Social Networker

Create Social media BusinessAccounts for promotion of your business and make it more papular in targeted space in a specific interval of time. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram will help you in building a high profile business account that will represent your business on a high market scale.

Social Media Marketing

DIY Infographics

Infographics are one of the more attractive and most powerful marketing tools. people love DIY infographics as they are easy to digest.yu can easily grow your referral traffic for your links and grow more sales through infographics. You can hire a designer who will design more attractive and UI friendly infographics for you to bring more traffic and attract more customers. you can also make your own designs if you don’t have a budget for hiring a designer.

low budget marketing ideas for small business


if you have some understanding of adobe illustrator, you can create stunning designs and posters using some basic tools of Adobe illustrator. Try out the free vector kits that will help you more in the free trial too. Go and check Visual.ly for more inspiration. they will help you in giving you more example of some stunning posters and designs with advanced works.

Make your Content Updated

if your marketing budget is about zero, you can use an alternative way to make update your content. As you do not have the budget to hire a freelance writer for writing fresh blogs for you. Go for search in google and drag out the statistics for your blog. breathe new content into something that already exists. there are millions of data and stats available on google. make them a part of your articles and get more traffic on a daily basis. make some social media traffic too

Find an article relate to your content. Go through it and highlight the main and interesting points. add images, pick out the stats and make it more updated if it needs to be.make animated videos, voice-overs, and promos for your promotion. it will add more attraction in more clarity to your product.

You don’t need t to be master. collect the data from official websites that would be more valuable for you as it would be more authentic and reliable. make dereferences do check it out daily and make an addition to your blog.

Lounge Out LinkedIn

Low budget marketing ideas

LinkedIn is a powerful social media site that is often under-utilized. Don’t just add network connections only – join groups, enter into sayings with connections, and share your blog posts. There’s a million happening on LinkedIn, and it can be a wonderful platform to promote your content, share ideas, and build your brand.

Recycle Your Content

Yeah sure! You Can. Make a repurpose article or a video of your studies that you have already published. if you have made a video, convert into the article. and if it was an article, convert it into Video form. this will make you more consistent in your business and more promotional.

Recycling your content is to be considered low budget marketing idea for small business. it helps you to promote your small business in a very powerful way. because Linkedin is more official and more authentic as here more skilled and educated people stay in-network.

Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small  businesses Summary

  • Publish Great Content
  • Create Helpful instructional Videos
  • Use Reddit for marketing
  • Get promo ads to form social media for advertising
  • Make DIY Infographics
  • Update your Content
  • Try Stumbleupon advertising
  • Lounge out on Linkedin
  • Develop a Customer Referral Program
  • Apply Online for Business Awards
  • Create Eye-Catching Business Cards
  • Engage in Email Marketing
  • Host business cards
  • Give away balloons on local events drawing
  • Join I Loca Contests.

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