30 New and Small Business Business Ideas in Pakistan in 2019

Starting a business requires a good and a new business idea to work upon in the emerging world, so you should be very careful before starting a business anywhere in the world. Today I am going to tell you  30 new and small business ideas in the modern world where if you work with your passion you can have good dollars from that. 

 Remember no business ideas is wasteful  but needs the proper time and place for that to accomplish your business 

so today I am giving you some very interesting and workable business ideas I the modern world which will surely work for you to become a millionaire.  

1. Imported Products 

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sell imported items and start your business

Most people buy some good stuff abroad  for starting a business while they come to their countries , they used to buy some good quality products at subsidized rates and sell them  in their countries  in dollars as in Pakistan, the rate of dollar is too high, business creams  so it  would be  more profitable for several products, like cell phones, leather jackets, perfumes, shoes, cosmetics  wrist watches  etc . you can sell them on OLX or other  online sites.

2. Travel services

providing travel services in your own country is a good idea for starting a business. you must have a travel guide and a small van or jeep for this business. you can start your own travel agency very easily at cheap rates and less management.

3. Party Services

 many people celebrate their parties for different reasons, like a birthday party, wedding anniversaries starting a business needs your thinking, this idea is very easy to accomplish. you have just to open a company with the name of party services, then people will have to hire you to arrange their party with the availed facilities and services which they need,. you must have to consider your clients as your boss.

4. Religious Products for Religions 

every country has his own  religion and may have many religions they have, so you have a better chance to start your business to manufacture their religious products which they have, that  be like mates, sticks, counters sketches, statues candles and many more

5. Walking tracks and tours 

people living in the cities and towns with several touristic attractions, walking is more attractive and relaxing activity that everyone dares to have.so walking tours are one of the great low investment ideas for starting a business in a particular area. Many foreigners and domestic people want to get the beauty of the new place to feel by walking in that area with more green scenery and natural beauty.

6.   Photography 

Photography is one of the individual managing jobs to perform by any individual in order to start a  business. This requires an only camera and a studio,, you can start your business with low investment with a successful business in the future, you can provide the services of lending cameras and attending the wedding ceremonies in any city, The team formation will be more beneficial for your business.

7.  Handymen Services

Nowadays the business works which have their online platforms just because the modern world is more mobile, so you can start some handymen services in your area or city at a very small level from pick and drop service and proceed it with the time.

8.  E-commerce Store

 the world is now very mobile, so the Busines which is usually online will 80% will never fail. so E-commerce is the best way to start your business with only $10 investment. you will have to find out the sponsors for your E-commerce stores and start your online store for different electronic products.

9. Buy Cryptocurrancy

if you want to start your business with least investment, you have to take a little risk with Cryptocurrency.

when I was 18, I bought a Bitcoin is only $500, and after two years, I sold that for the revenue of $9000, that really changed my life. 

so why you not gonna start buying the cheap crypto currncies 

Cryptocurrancy is a blockchain technology where you can start your trading as your small business idea to promote your Life to standard luxurious Life.  

Start your  Cryptocurrnacy trading with binance.com or iqoption

10. Books seller

Books selling is one of the most wonderful business idea that is almost free for you to start from your home. you can start from your own books that are no longer useful, So you can collect different course books and sell them on Facebook and instagram by taking their good pictures . in this way you can uy old books form your friends and sell and earn upto $100 per month.

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