7 P’s of Service Marketing-Marketing tips

Business is the name given to the science where you have to study the minds of your customers and understanding their needs and formulating the best Product to solve their problems. Today 7 P’s of service marketing will help you in selling your product in the market.

marketing strategy is one of the basics of learning how to promote your product

Because when you are competing within a specific product and want to sell your product that is already available in the market, then you have to understand some major factors to sell break off the barriers and start selling your product.

Selling is basically an art of business. selling your product is part of business ethics.what could help you in learning the behavior of selling your product is 7 P’s of service marketing that are teh perfect tools for competing yur competators in market level.

A man standing on road selling balloons, a shopkeeper selling fruits or a businessman selling his services should have the art of selling to sell his product.

There are 7 P’s of service marketing that you should follow in order to sell your product in running market.

7 p’s of Service marketing

here are the following 7 p’s of service marketing where you will understand how to sell your product online and learn the basic marketing skills.

  1. Product

Product is, however, your first step to design it according to the flexibility and the required features for which the product is specially designed for.your product should be intangible and heterogeneous that should meet the customer’s requirements, therefore assumes the desirable signifiance.

It must be designed to meet all advantages, benefits and features that are the need of its customers.

if you are going through some business idea and farmulating your product you shold first know the following three points

  1. Check the feasibility of the product
  2. Does the product has demand in the society?
  3. Is the product profitable?

You must meet the trending and loved stylish designed model of the product for the customers that they like.


Price is one of the most depending factors that must not be compromised for your personal profits. You should have the best pricing strategy for your product so that your customers are highly attracted from the reasonable price.

You should have also the study of the following Points

  • Total turnover per day/product.
  • The minimum amount that your customers are ready to pay.
  • Your payback period.
  • Your profits margins and payment methods.


Choosing the right place is one of the major factor that marketing highly depends on. Place is where your product is manufactured and available for sale and distributed to the wholesellers. You should have a mobile access so that your customers reach you easily.

You can also make yourself apart for the growing competition the design of your retail space. If you are starting a new business you should know the requirements and the tactics for the new business.


Promotion is the best way to bring your product into the market and let the customers know the availability of such a flexible product.

Advertising also becomes the part of promotion where you test your product over several companies for the quality and liability and ensure the life spam for the product and its unique features that makes it different from other products that are already available in the market.


People refers to the teamwork including yu and your team mates and salesmen

When you as a team member create an excellent  customer services to the customers, yu would have a positive feedback and enhances your credibility and increases your sales.

As people are your media for promoting and giving the good reviews to your product and increases its sales.

You can also make some special deals and free giveaways to the beloved customers to engage the customer’s interest towards your product.


process refers to the way how you perform the tasks of delivering your productnad the whole supply methods to yo the wholesellers and your customers.

these are how you manage your services to your customers.

for a good process delivery you should have to

Physical evidence

physical existence refers to how your customers see you in the market and your platform existence attract your customers.

  1. your interior design
  2. your branding
  3. your packaging
  4. the physical environment where you provide your service.

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