Profitable Business ideas costs below 50,000 in India in 2019

With the increasing population of India, the rate of unemployment is also increasing day by day. so today I am going to share some profitable business ideas that cost below 50,000 in India in 2019.

I just started this blog for the cause of guiding you for starting your own business and earn profit a dozen times greater than your salary. So keep reading this article where I am going to explore some profitable business ideas in India in 2019

Profitable business ideas in India in 2019

These business ideas cost for no more than 50,000 in India to start them and earn good profit

Leather Bag making

Nowadays, the Modern era is using reliable and stylish leather bags on those routine lives. If you have skills or a manufacturer for making leather bags from home or any place then, you can start this business. You can also buy leather bag stitching machines to make your business more automated and save your manpower cost.

Candle making

different types of flavored candles are nowadays used and are papular in new generation.people love to use those flavored candles at every happy occasion. this business can be started with very low investment and very easy to start it.

So I would suggest you start this candle manufacturing business from home today. although it has a very tough competition. but you can start it from the local level and then make your own brand and facebook page in your state and get sponsors and more orders for your products.

Ginger Garlic paste making

this small business idea will make you a billionaire. taste of garlic and ginger is delicious, and most people love it. This business idea needs very less investment in raw material and grinder. you can easily start this business. Later on, you can make your own brand and sell your product in markets as well. you can also export the product and earn a huge profit in dollars.

Garden Designer

if you have some creative thinking about plantation and love flowers, using some of your brains will help you to draw some sketches of some beautiful garden designs and make them available for the people for sale on facebook r make its online service. Because many people are really very interested to decorate their gardens with flowers and grow greener.

Clothing Boutique Owner

if you are thinking about building a fashion world you can easily with some small investment. Go for the whole sellers and take some trending clothing designers. India has a very bi papulation and there is a huge demand for trending and new fashion clothes.

you can target any specific area and make your brand name. Clothing boutique is one of the most profitable business ideas in India. You can expand it very easily through facebook campaigns.

Food Truck Owner

Do you have dreamt about starting your own restaurant and did not have plunged to do so? Now let get started with a testing experiment and start your mini restaurant in your city.

Make a list of fast foods or dishes that you want to sell in your shop and make to employees with you to help you in opening a truck shop in the city or bazaar. go for in busy hours and test your business skills. make good services for drinking waters and sitting place as well as marketing hacks. start your truck shop today and enjoy earing.

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