Top 10 business Ideas for College Students in 2019

Business Ideas for College Students  in 2019          

In the modern era, in the overpopulated countries of the world, it is very hard to find an ordinary job. especially in south Asia countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, where every new year thousands of graduates come out of the universities and start searching for the jobs. In Pakistan, it is also very hard to find a government job. So today I am going to discuss some business ideas for student s in Pakistan.

starting your own business is quite difficult for anyone in the beginning. but how students on Pakistan make their pockets be fulfilled with dollars is possible in some decent ways.

business ideas for college students in 2019

in this article, I will discuss offline and online both business ideas that any student can start as a part-time and make a penny dollars from the start.

Before going to start any business Idea, you should know the ethics of how to start a business in Pakistan in 2019


Offline business ideas.

there are a very number of business ideas, but you have to think for the more smarter ones and that are more related to tech, Here are listed some offline business ideas for college students


if you know about your college subjects well, you can easily start home or hostel tutoring today. Any student can easily start tutoring and can earn easily from it. this is one of the best options for someone to teach his juniors .and make a good salary at the end.


Business Ideas for College Students

T-shirt Printing

T-shirts have an evergreen trend all over the world. every man and woman wear T-shirts. you can start your own shop for T-shirts printing and can earn up to 80,000 thousand per month easily.

Profitable Business Ideas

you would require a facebook page and WhatsApp number for starting this business

 How to start it

  1. Screen printing is a frustrating and difficult task. You always need to buy new materials and tools.
  2. Outsourcing allows you to be the common man, but you can do it easily compete with other printers. Not to mention, the only time involved is doing sales, promoting products, and placing in orders. No manufacturing!

Start a niche Bog

So what if you are a student of Engineering or Medical student. you can have a kick get a stat on blogging in your own field. this would be more beneficial in your studies as well as you will easily get paid from them.

You just have to know some basics from youtube or anywhere on the internet.


how to kick Start start

  1. start from
  2. make your niche blog
  3. write your first post
  4. keep going

read related blogs, get ideas and continue.

you can get paid from Google AdSense or any affiliate platform like Amazon, ClickBank or eBay and Alibaba.



what else you can not start as a student. what I am going to suggest you to start is interviewing the personalities who have a good experience in any field of science or art. make a video of him and upload it on youtube. this would be very good. you will learn a lot and will get success soon if you keep your specific niche.

Meet CEOs of companies, Actors, social media influencers and many more to make their podcast. people will love them and praise you.


Creative Art Day Camp

You could run creative art day camp as a seasonal camp in summers and springs. But I find it’s tough to make lots of dollars in seasonal businesses, so instead, I would first consider offering a creative arts day after college or on weekends. I suggest doing surveys to find out what age groups of girls or boys and what specific art activities they love the most.


Ice Cream Shop

Yes, you can fill your pockets with lots of money with a simple ice cream shop! make sweet and yummy ice creams, find the best location with least rent and consider starting with a smaller level.. “make your Day with yummy Ice Cream ”

business ideas for College students



Day Care Centre

People are very busy nowadays and cannot look after their kids. The market for daycare is still rare in Pakistan! Of course, you can start in your area or at your home. You can generate quick income and a valuable business from the daycare center. You just have to take some employees at your home whom you can may two thousand per month and can easily build your business from the very start.

Event Organizing

While you may first think of wedding planning or event organizers, there are many, many types of event planners are there. Some may specialize in parties for young kids, others in gigantic events. Think and research of a specialty that you can perform well in your state. Make your business plan and meet participants in that field, before you open service. You can easily get orders from your friends and family fist and then come up to the market level.

event organizer

Build your Facebook and Instagram page for social media, you can easily make your business professional and make thousands in very few starts. Believe me, this does not require any big investment to start if you have a good business plan

Freelance Writer

Years ago, my father free-lanced articles for national magazines in Lahore typically about life on “Life A Long Journey.” Today there are still some freelance writing opportunities at traditional publications, but the big opportunity is online in content marketing. Business and technology-oriented alike are rushing to post

Business Ideas for college studentsmore and more content related to their business space, to try to attract traffic from search engines and to position themselves in the minds of potential customers.

Some businesses will require that you have expertise in their industry to write for them, but others will consider buying articles from you, as long as they are well researched and well written.


You can make a room in your house into a photography studio, but you’ve got to get out to promote your services or do some social media marketing. Photography is the best way for students to make it a small business for you and make thousands in the first 3 months.

Hope the article will help you in starting your business and make your career in your interested field.

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