Top 25 Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

Top 25 Business Ideas with Low Investment in India

telling you about starting a business with low investment in India is also possible. While we hear that anything and almost everything is possible in this modern world,

People want to acquire a lot in their life and some are blessed with capital and resources but some have to start from scratch. But in order to do something from the scratch is not easy as it may sound.

business ideas with low investment in india

A lot of planning is needed when it comes to starting something new. One has to plan, direct his/ her resources, and collect accurate information and so on.

If you have the will and talent to do something like starting your own career, then there are many upcoming business ideas in India with hardly any investment. You can turn your interests and skills into real cash by working at home online.

Small business ideas

There is no doubt that in order to start something online business, you should have proper basic knowledge of using the internet.  With correct knowledge, you are good to go. The investment is almost zero when it comes to starting an online business.

The only thing that you need is to keep patience and just put all of your efforts.

We are here to help you out with starting a franchise business in India with zero investment. We are not providing you ideas that could make you a millionaire in a day but providing you with ideas that could help you earn a good amount.

Thus, if you are ready to rock and roll in small scale business ideas without investment, then we are also good to go. So, let’s get started-

Here list of Top 17 Zero investment business ideas that you can start today.


1. Professional Bogging Business:

This is not something new which you won’t be knowing about. The business of blogging is a zero investment business. All you need is to make a blogging ID and deliver good and entertaining content to people. The topics of the blogs could be anything like food, health, fashion, travel, or even your experiences. Anything which you think would attract people. Once, you start getting visitors, apply for Google Adsense Program and you can earn money on a daily basis.

This is a good small scale business idea without investment.

2. Providing Online Education :

This is another business with zero investment. Just make your own youtube channel and start sharing your knowledge. There must be something where you are good at, think about it and start planning accordingly. Teaching and helping students can provide you peace and money. As with lots of visitors, youtube will pay you a good amount. Create around 10-20 minute video and teach them new ideas and aids. This would attract more and more students in no time.

You can earn money just like I am earning. What I mean is, if you love writing and have creativity in your thoughts, then you should opt for this business. You can apply to different applications like Internshala, and other sites online. Upload your CV and start writing.

Or you can make your own page on Instagram and Facebook. Everyone these days uses these apps. You can post there and invite visitors and can earn money. You can offer your writing services in forms of articles, blogs, magazines, editorials, etc to others.

4. Business startup instruction:

This is another franchise business in India without investment and one of the most profitable zero investment business ideas. If you have years of experience in doing the business of any kind and know how industries work, then you should consider this business. With accurate knowledge and resources to offer people, you are good to go to make some profits.

5. Career Counselling

People may show that they don’t want any help but the truth is, at some point in our lives, we would like some opinion or help from others. Starting a small scale business like career counseling (online) with zero investment can really help you to earn money. All you have to provide students with the right advice and knowledge in order to let them find the right paths.

6. Start Music/ Dance Tutorials:

If you are talented enough and love to sing and dance, then you can start your own zero investment business in this field. All you have to create a youtube channel for the same and upload videos or tutorials helping others to learn and cope. This is a great business idea without investment.

7. Yoga Instructor Business

Yoga exercise

People, nowadays, are becoming health conscious. With so busy schedules, people tend to forget to take care of their health. At this moment, your work starts. If you are well aware of the benefits of yoga and are experts in doing yoga, then just like Shilpa Shetty and Baba Ramdev, you can also teach a lot of people yoga while sitting at home. Just make your youtube channel and you are good to go with this small scale zero investment business idea.

8. Sewing Classes:

Though this is a modern world where we find women working in offices but we cannot neglect the fact that the maximum percentage of women in India are housewives. But in order to run a house, it has become a necessity that both men and women work. So, for housewives, we have an option of earning money with zero investment. If you know how to sew and owns the sewing machine, then you can start your own business at home and earn money.

9. Smartphone Repair Business

This is another small scale business idea with investment. Whether a person earns a thousand bucks in a day or in a month, each and every individual owns a cell phone. With so many cell phones in the market, there is a chance that the handset can stop working or could come up with any technical issue. So, with tools and equipment and knowledge, you can start your business in this arena as home-based.

10. Sports Blogging:

If you have an interest in sports and are well aware of the ongoing tournaments, you can start your zero investment business with sports blogging. You can write or publish your own sports magazine online and could earn a good amount.

Now let us talk aobut some business ideas that do not require investment. here is a list of business ideas with low investment or zero investment.

Business ideas with low investment in India in 2019

11. Language Translation Online Business:

This is a world of multilingualism. People are not satisfied in having command in one language. They love to learn different languages. So, if you know many languages, then you can start with online tutorials and even help people in translating one language into another. This is a great business idea without investment.

12. Marketing Associates:

This is a new zero investment business idea which is not known by many people in India. Companies like Amazon hire marketing associates and pay them good money for just referring their site to other people. You just have to review amazon and other companies like this and write reviews about their products on a website. If someone visits the link, then in this manner, you can earn good amount of money.

13. Beauty Products Business:

Ayurveda and homeopathic is getting into lime or light these days because of the natural ingredients it possesses. If you know and have done any course regarding the same, then you can start your minimal or zero investment business for the same. Make the products at home and sell them online. This way, you would be able to earn a great amount of cash.

14. Online Makeup Tutorials:

Make up Tutorials

This is another easy, interesting and zero investment business idea in India. People, mostly women love to do makeup. But with half knowledge, they feel helpless. So, if you have the perfect information or knowledge about how to do this, then you can start giving tutorials by making your youtube channel and through social media, you can attract visitors. This way, you would be able to earn a lot of cash.

15. Vehicle Review Business:

If you love automobiles and have knowledge about each and every new vehicle that comes into the market, then you can start your own zero investment business in this arena. This small scale business idea would require no capital but accurate knowledge about the same and writing blogs or making videos about them could help people to know what car or bike is perfect for them to purchase.

16. Online Tour Guide:

When people decide to visit any place, they search each and every link provided on the search engine. So, if you have visited a lot of places or have enough information to help others regarding which place to visit first, where to stay, how to commute etc, then you can start your financial career with this zero- investment small scale business.

17. Online Photography Business:

If you love to capture the beauty, then this is a great business without investment business ideas in India. All you need is a camera, and then you can create your Instagram and Facebook page and share your pictures. If you are able to attract visitors, then you can start taking business orders from them. And can start your photography career and earn a good amount of cash.

These are the few zero investment ideas with which we believe that you could be able to start your financial career. We hope you succeed. All the best.

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